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“I’ve known, and been deeply touched by Rose, for nearly 16 years. “Massage” is woefully insufficient to describe the magic she works during a bodywork session.

“Rebalanced,” “rejuvenated,” “transformed,” come to mind regarding how I feel after being under her care for the 90 minutes that seems to pass in the blink of an eye. It’s as spiritual an experience as it is physical, and I felt it the first time she worked on me. As I floated out of that room, my immediate response, after having been in something of a trance, was,” What did you do to me?! WOW!” I still feel that way, 20 years later. She is a remarkable healer.”

Stephan A. Hathcock, M.D.

“A dislocated rib, pulled leg muscles, compartment syndrome, jaw injury affecting my bite, headache, back spasms, neck strain, hand and wrist injury, preparation for athletic events, recovery from athletic events, flexibility work, stress reduction and relaxation. During the past 10 years, these are just some of the problems I have asked Rose to help me overcome. Appreciation of her diverse skills is best achieved by working with Rose in an ongoing and consistent fashion to maintain a health body and mind.”

Paul Wilie, M.D.

“I think you offer an incredible learning paradigm that is so conducive to transforming the entire way a person lives as well as works.  Not only has my work been fundamentally changed, but my spirit and body as well.  Everything feels "on" now.  I feel connected again but in a more profound way.  There is an ease about the way I move, think, feel and work now that has been missing.  I so look forward to more classes with you and would (and have already) HIGHLY recommend you and your teaching to anyone."

Donna McArthur, LMT

I have suffered from ADHD, anxiety, and a host of other issues due to complex PTSD. This therapy is curing those issues, along with giving me a peace that is exquisite. I feel like for the first time in my life I am coming home to myself, and resting there.

I have also experienced greater ease in navigating difficult situations and relationships. I have been able to be honest no matter what the consequences may be. This has brought my power and life force back on line and is shifting my experiences of life and flow.

I highly recommend working with Rose. She is a most powerful peaceful loving being, who holds a very high vibration of pure love and peace. She’s a midwife to birthing the real you, beyond all of the layers of defense.

Karen Wilson

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