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Relief from Stress & Anxiety

Increased Energy

Greater Hormonal Balance & More


What We Offer:


  • Personal In-Person and Hands-Free sessions of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Integrative Bodywork

  • Radiance Therapy Craniosacral Education 

  • Continuing Education training for Massage Therapists and other health professionals

  • Ongoing Meditation and Group Healing mini-retreats


Rose Alisandre

Craniosacral Therapist


If you suffer from:

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Unresolved trauma from birth, accidents, or the stress of life

  • Body tension or pain

  • Structural and postural imbalances

  • Emotional overwhelm

  • Struggles with major life transitions (moving, separating, becoming a parent, grieving)

  • Chronic Illness & Autoimmune Disease 


A Biodynamic Craniosacral Session can help you:


  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Find relief from stress and anxiety

  • Release tension and pain

  • Quiet the mind

  • Learn to self-regulate your own autonomic nervous system

  • Greater health and well-being

  • Realignment of structure without manipulation from outside; instead shifts may occur from the inherent wisdom within

  • Greater hormonal balance

  • Resolution of trauma, birth patterns, accidents, or injuries – easily and gently

  • Feeling more connected to your source

  • Recovery from illness or surgery 


Radiance Therapy

Rose Alisandre, MTI, BCST is a Massage Therapy Instructor and a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner. The function of the practitioner is to meet you where you are, develop a relationship of trust and safety, and deep listening that allows you to open up to the healing wisdom of your own body and being.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy provides an environment built on relationship and safety that allows our nervous system to relax and open to the deep meditative, great mystery that is our home.  Home is inside ourselves, this earth, this body, mind and heart--home is inside this universe. 

Craniosacral Therapy & Integrated Bodywork in Conway, Arkansas

Reconnect and Heal

Group Meditation

Biodynamic Craniosacral
Therapy and Integrated Bodywork

Biodynamic Meditation


Continuing Education
for Massage Therapists

We offer sessions at two convenient locations:

Arkansas Yoga Collective

7801 Cantrell Road

Suite D

Little Rock, AR 72227

Lyons Den Wellness Center

740 South Salem

Suite 109

Conway, AR 72034

To Book a Session, Call or Text Rose: 501-772-1551

"Rose is a wonderful person and therapist, I never felt rushed or unheard. She is reliable, consistent, professional, kind, calming, completely trustworthy and a great craniosacral therapist and bodyworker.  When I lived in Little Rock, I exclusively went to Rose every month for many years. I saw tremendous change in my well-being.  Decreased back pain and overall attitude over time.I have very bad arthritis in my neck and my doctor always marveled how I wasn’t in so much pain to request surgery or injections.  I really think much of this had to do with Rose’s consistent work and craniosacral therapy.  When I was hurt, she even came to my house.  She is very flexible and always listened to my needs of the week.  I felt like a million bucks every time I left my appointment and started counting down the days to the next one."

Margaret Harris, Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

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